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Sabin Restoration Classic Car Building and Fabricating

Restoration & Collision

Who We Are

The Sabin Family celebrates 25+ of serving their community in Auburn Washington.

Sabin Restoration has been performing autobody miracles for over two decade while maintaining their near 5 star rating as they served some of the pickiest clients with their most prized possessions: their toys and machines.

Cars are our combined passion, us and you. We chose to become masters in the science and art of restoring a car BACK to beautiful.

We love the custom aspect of bringing back life to a piece of your  personal history.

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Our Services

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Opening Time

Visit Us

Monday – Friday
8:00am – 5:00pm

Available by appointment.


Available by appointment

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Locally Owned

Family Business

     Nestled in the heart of Auburn, our family-owned restoration shop is a testament to craftsmanship and dedication. With a passion for automotive excellence, this workshop goes beyond the ordinary, meticulously building cars to the highest standards. Every project is a labor of love, blending classic aesthetics with modern innovation.

     What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to exceeding customer expectations. From the first sketch to the final rev of the engine, the teams' attention to detail and personalized service create not just cars, but automotive masterpieces that leave our clients in awe.

     It's more than a restoration shop; it's a have for those who appreciate the artistry of a well-crafted automobile.

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