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Image by Ben Shanks

The Story of Our Auto Repair Shop

We opened Sabin Restoration in the early 1990's to bring outstanding automotive restoration services to the Auburn, Washington area. No matter what you need, our friendly and professional staff can handle it all from simple dent repair, to bumper refinish, to a rotisserie style restoration capable of being shown off at your local car event, we can handle it. 

We work hard to maintain our reputation as a trustworthy, reliable and transparent Auto Repair Shop. We, also, love to keep our customers uptodate on the progress and the choices we make about the build of their vehicles.

 Above all, we guarantee that our work is done at the highest standard, ensuring that your vehicle meets all regulations and is safe to drive on the road.

Image by Aatur Harsh

Sabin Restoration & Collision 

Our Areas of Expertise

The Sabin Restoration reputation captures the 25 plus years as a local high end restoration shop. From day one, our work stood out with our customers, and they kept us busy ever since.

Our expertise speaks for itself through our work. We have upgraded 90% of our equipment, space, and services over the years to stay ready to tackle any restoration or customization need.

Image by Sucrebrut

Auto Body Repair

Collision and Beauty

A large portion of our craftsmanship calls for a strong foundation in the Auto Body Repair field. Assembling and Fixing the automotive structural and exterior panels calls for a mastery of it's own. Our 25 plus years of offering Auto Body Services in Auburn, Washington  has helped many people get their cars "restored" post collision to a factory spec of standard. Collision repair and refinishing is a synonym of what we do, we just do it to a irrefutable master level.

Image by Sebastian Kurpiel

Custom Fabrication

Imagination on Metal

If you can think it, we can make it with metal. It's in our soul. Much of our work in Restoration calls for fabrication and remaking of new or custom parts. We know that a classic car could always use a modern touch of safety and "cool factor" options, which calls for lots of creativity and fabrication. Trust Sabin Restoration to achieve that "custom" .

Image by Zoltan Tasi

Custom Paint

Automotive Refinish

The vehicle is simply a canvas for yet another art form, painting.

There is so much creativity in this category alone that we would like to walk through with you. From the amount of shine, to the complexity of the sparkle, from the simplicity of a stripe to an creative flame, we can deliver. Our artist in the booth is a madman of their own kind, we place great trust in his ability and our coaching to deliver a great paintjob. 

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